For the past 13 years, we have been dedicated to crafting extraordinary connections between travellers and the cultures, cuisines and histories they encounter.



Of organising some of the best curated experiences for travellers from across the world. Accounting for preferences, pace, expectations and the thing that makes it a black swan journey.



Big and small, on the tourist map and off. If there is an experience to be had, we will find a way for it to be witnessed without disruption.


Experiences and counting

From one day workshops, to month long immersions. From witnessing the spectacle of nature, to watching people do the absolute best of what we can.

One would wonder what’s so special about a ‘Black Swan’.

Well, for centuries, people thought that all swans were white. A black swan was a symbol for something that was impossible or could not exist. With the discovery of black swans in Australia in the 18th century, this theory metamorphosed the term to connote that a perceived impossibility may actually come to pass. Can this be true of tourism too?

Travel has the power to change one’s worldview through the unimaginable and unexpected experiences it throws up.

Black Swan Journeys specializes in curating customized travel experiences, iglobally. Our aim is to introduce people to experiences of sights, interactions and culture that are beyond the regular.

Finding Pho in Vietnam

A trip planned to the T that included a little bit of everything. Wonderful food experiences, beer trails, historical sights , serene cruises & bit of fun. I could not have asked for a better vacation. Everyone’s smallest needs were taken care of by Neha & the team. My trip to #Vietnam curated by #BlackSwanJourneys helped me experience the country in a way I could never have alone by myself. Thank you Black Swan Journeys for this wonderful experience & looking forward to many more.”

Radhieka Mittal

Exploring Kerala

Firstly thanks for the luxurious arrangements by you guys. We had a splendid time at all the destinations. As expected this trip was totally relaxing and rejuvenating for us.

The resort was super! Totally in the wild, completely breezy and fresh….. Thekkady was full with activities : elephant ride was one of its kind…. To sum up, our experience with the cool breezy thekkady, the calm and serene backwaters and the sun kissed beach at marari was just fantastic and out of this world! Thanks again!!!

Hope to go for many more trips by Black Swan!

Yashdeep Joshi

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